Website basic builds or custom creation? Using a Web designer vs Web builder

Website basic builds or custom creation? Using a Web designer vs Web builder

If a website builder is the construction crew of website creation, then it can be said that the website designer is the architect. There are differences between a web designer and web builder, but are they copacetic, or is it a struggle of website builder vs web designer?

Website Builder
This can be something as simple as a user-created, drag-and-drop web page template site, such as or The user can select from templates on the web builder platform to create their own website. The look is basic, and the interfaces are designed to be user-friendly, accessible to beginners.

An advantage to a web builder hosting site is that you can get your site up and running quickly, and even beginners can navigate the platform. Your initial cost for a basic website can be minimal, but as you need to add more functionality, you’ll need to add more plug-ins and options to the site. As these are priced ala-carte, your costs can add up quickly.

Website Designer
These are professionals who create custom websites from scratch. The designer creates the artistic and “ergonomics” of the site – the layout, the overall look, and the way that users interact with the site. They pair with a web developer (or sometimes these are the same person) who actually constructs the site and its interfaces.

Although the up-front quote from a web design service may look expensive at first, typically these are all-inclusive prices. You’ll have the functionality and SEO capabilities that you need to grow your exposure, and the ability to change and expand your site as your company’s needs change. In addition, many web design services are smaller companies, who tend to have a better relationship with their clients, giving more personalized service and support.

Website Builder vs Web Designer
For a customer seeking a new website for their company or brand, what are some considerations when looking to work with a web builder versus a website designer?

  • Cost: For a template-based web page, you’re looking at under $10/ month. For anything extra, there is an additional cost. With a web design company, you’ll pay more, for a more comprehensive product. Depending on the designer’s level of expertise, expect to pay between $500-$1500.
  • Design: Web builders have a basic selection. With a web design company, there is no limit – they can create custom designs and interfaces. Web builders offer a basic template, and you can change your website according to what they offer. this is sometimes referred to as a CMS (Content Management System).
  • Expansion and future capabilities: With a custom designed site created by a web designer, you’ll have a much more expandable site, and the option for versatility as your brand grows. With the web builder templates, there is a limit to the scope and capability of your site. In addition to your personal brand or company changing, the hosting site may grow and change. Or, it could go out of business, and then your site would be rendered inaccessible. With web designers, they have the ability to transfer your domain and keep it relevant.

Which is the right choice for you?
With web builders, you as the user get to create within the template, at a low cost, and have it up and running quickly. You have immediate access to your site and can work with its established template. however, for expanded needs, you’ll pay more, and for service needs, you may not get the one on one attention from a large company.

Using a web designer gives you more flexibility and a look beyond a basic template. Especially if you are providing creative services or an online store, the artistry and uniqueness of a custom design can help you stand out. Finally, if you are a novice to web creation, or you just aren’t interested in it, hiring a web design company can be your best bet. These are trained professionals, who not only know the ins and out of web programming, they also keep up to date with trends in web design. This helps your website remain current and relevant.

There are many choices when it comes to building a website, and when it comes to deciding between a web builder or a web designer to create your brand’s website, choose web designers. The benefits of having custom creation, content management, and up-to-date design elements are definitely worth the cost.

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